Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Channing Tatum
Boy sure has movies star looks doesn't he? I think I need to go out and get this issue...from the pics I have seen he looks fabulous. Wow...he sure has come along way from being a pin up boy for all the gays on all the blogs eh? I wonder who is next....I am a good judge..Maybe its you!!! Please submit all pics to my e mail address. :-)


robertga99 said...

He is delicious~!

Michael Rivers said...

He is so gorgeous! I've done a few blog posts around him too.

Xander said...

In an interview recently he talked about his cock being nearly burned off on the set of his latest movie. Apparently his role called for him to wear a wetsuit and it was extremely cold. They would boil water in a kettle and then mix it with cold water and then pour it down his suit to keep him warm. The idiot in charge of this job duty forgot to mix cold water and poured the scalding hot water down his suit. What a SHAME!
They should fire his ass and hire me for that job!!

Stephen said...

I subscribe to Details & although I was not acquainted with Mr. Channing's films, I did spend some special alone time with his feature in the mag!
Happy weekend to you in Saettle!

Dean Grey said...


What a handsome, handsome man!!