Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Hump Day Honey Jonathan Waud

God this man is SO MY TYPE....He is all over due to his new underwear campaign for Ristefsky Macheda...He was my fave on supermodel and its nice to see him around again...Been busy as hell.....I am glad its hump day the weeks going real quick....I am hoping for the weekend to be here very soon as work has been insane! So busy with lots going on... sales meetings and calls and lots of alive do I need a vacation! Somewhere tropical would be perfect.....Its rainy cats dogs and kitchen sinks here in Seattle.....I need an ark to get to work and back these days.....I think I am getting webbed feet! Well I will catch you all soon when I can squeeze out some time and squeegee myself out......


Ray's Cowboy said...

Hope you stayed dry for the most part. Please send rain to Texas any time. This guy would do it for me as well. But hey any guy breathing would do it for me at this time.
Have a great night.

Michael Rivers said...

He IS sexy!!