Sunday, May 31, 2009

Friday Night Cocktails
With the BFF's!
Having a nice early summer with the weather here in the Pacific Northwest!  Nice mid 70s....Had our BFF's over on Friday night and they snapped some pics.....Val and I in the top one enjoying our Vodka and  Lemon Sanpellierino cocktails..... they were tasty and we were thristy!  Needless to say we had a few as evening went on...thats all I am going to to say!  Good times!

BFF's Val and Starla- Da Girls!
Hubby and I....with Juku in the background....he he...Hope your weekend going well too!  cheers!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Hump Day!
wanna wrestle?
Separate is NOT EQUAL!

Its a sad time to be American but at the same time we knew this fight will be long and hard....It can only get day soon I hope......Obama where are you? WTF dude! So much drama with so much! We need to be fired up and speak out and get involved....We need to revolt! You know if we really banned together we really could change this world...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Make Me a Supermodel
Bum Show....

More Bum from Jonathan and Branden-- Best recaps ever from Tom and Lorenzo....

Friday, May 22, 2009

Another Fave TV Gulity Pleasure!

5 stars, 2 thumbs up, 5 snaps, kudos..... etc for new show GLEE!! From Ryan Murphy, creator of "Nip/Tuck" and "Popular," a new 1 hourweekly musical comedy! It premiered this last week on FOX.

It is going to be good! I suggest you check it out....Hubby said it the gayest show on TV.....I agree! LOVE LOVE LOVE It!! It reminds me of Popular and I hope it gets legs and finds a huge audience-- common boys!!! I want a full season deal! Go GLEE go!!!! I wish I was in Glee in my hight shchool...awesome!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Number One Son
Was looking through some old pics again today...Ii seems I have always had a dog in my life....Here I am with Shadow and my gal pals Cindy and Tina catching some rays in the Seattle sunshine at a yard sale we put on.....this was maybe 15-20 years ago.....Shadow lived a good life on Capitol Hill in Seattle with me and my gang of friends. Shadow was such a cool dog! He liked to walk all around most of the time on his own all over the hill...and I mean all over! Lets just say he was well known in the gay ghetto and had lots of friends.....I think he may have picked up as many boys as I did! LOL! Do we even have gay ghettos anymore? He used to go to the 7-eleven and the Thriftway and Safeway grocery stores on 15th ave ( we lived on 16th and James in a big 3 story house) and hang out by the doors and people would give him snacks....back then there were not many pet stores and not like the world is crazy! He was a very independent dog and most people would gawk today on how free he was- People called him Toto-he was never on a leash but followed me everywhere....But it was cool as Shadow had his own thing he roamed where he wanted and knew where his home was.....The Thriftway has long been replaced by condos and the old Safeway replaced by a shiny new one and Shadow has gone off to dog heaven....He passed 3 years ago this June...he is well remembered..... He was my number one son....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just Because....

Chris Pine
Trek Sex Scenes with that Green Gal

Its all over the place but in case you havent seen it ...look here
Proud Washingtonian!
Lets hear it for WASHINGTON!! Gov. Chris Gregoire signed a bill yesterday that gives same-sex domestic partners all the rights and benefits that Washington state offers married couples-It will take effect at the end of July, unless opponents collect enough signatures to put a referendum on the ballot. Its strange.... as Seattle has always been so gay and gay friendly....I have a feeling though that there are so many haters and so many people that rally against stuff liek this when it is introduced and this is going to be a battle-

Damm haters!

Monday, May 18, 2009

What a Yawn....

I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning as It was a kinda rough weekend. Well maybe I should say it was really more busy then I am dead tired today! I keep yawning and nodding off..... I need to go get some caffeine......We had Lolas 1st Birthday BBQ on Saturday night and she enjoyed her celebration and really loved all her new toys! She has been carrying them around and her new fave toy is this little tennis ball with a spider outfit on it.......she is so darn cute as she loves each and every toy she gets...its quite entertaining! Saturday day I had to get a bunch of sod put in and that was a bit labor intensive! I am glad I had allot of cocktails on Saturday night to help with aches and pains later that I was super stiff! Old age is a bummer man that's for sure! We also had allot going on with mom and spent all day yesterday in the hospital.

So I really wanted to stay home in bed today when that damm alarm went off at 445am this morning! But I was a good boy and made it in to work..... Now this below would of made me stay in bed all day for sure! I am so crushing on this guy! Man..... I am boy crazy these days!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mommy and I
A old photo of my mom and I...This was probably about 15 years ago maybe 20....Dont you love my nice jean shorts? Rolled up too.... .how sexy! LOL! and my Teva sandals...Anyone else remember TEVA sandals?
Its been a rough week...
TGIF..Its Luau Time!

Rough week....Mom was admitted to the hospital as she was really sick and could hardly walk on Tuesday...we spent Moms day with her on Sunday and we could tell she was having a hard time...Long story short she had pneumonia --it is due to all her chemo and radiation and this sometimes happens when you immune system is pretty much wiped out from cancer treatments....She was rushed via ambulance and admitted on Tuesday.....she is recovering well-- thank heavens! I am happy as it could of been much worst as at first they thought it maybe a pulmonary embolism which would of been not so good...Needless to say its been a busy and exhausting week indeed and I am so happy its Friday.....

So today is the littlest member of our familys first b day! Lola is 1 today! We took her in for a nice haircut yesterday afternoon and she looks so darn cute...and like most one year old's in Hawaiian tradition.... we will have a luau for her tomorrow....She is still a smalley at about 9-10 lbs or so..... I will try to get a b day pic of her to post over the weekend!

Lola arrived home at 3 months ( Aug 08)
Last Month-- A close up with her long hair dew...he he

With her braddah and sister-- they are going to whoop it up at the luau tomorrow night!

Monday, May 11, 2009


Sometimes you come across a guy that hits the spot...the right spot....the spot that counts......this is one of those times that it hit with direct my ahem .....heart.......Can I have sugar with that?.....and lots of cream please.

Des anyone know whom this hunk may be?

Friday, May 08, 2009

Happy Mums Day
Happy Mothers days to all you mothers out there! Now I know all you wonderful sons and daughters will make sure to do something special for your mum....My mum is very sick as she had chemo this week.... We will still be going over on Sunday-- I am hoping she is feeling up to going to the garden nursery as she asked me if we would plant her planters for her the other day when I checked in on her..... I want he to go with to pick out the plants she wants in her planters..but if not the hubby and I know what she enjoys...Then maybe go to brunch....if she isn't up to it we will do something at the house and make brunch or dinner and hang out at the house as we do her plantings...This will be a perfect day...the main thing is to spend it with her as that makes her and I the happiest--just spending time with us boys.-- together......this mothers day more than ever I want to make sure to tell and show my mum what she means to I am not sure I will have my mommy for many more mothers day celebrations.... it hard to think about that.....So make them count as we never know....
Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels
aka Mayor McCheese
I had to laugh today when I came across a comment someone made calling our Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels..... Mayor McChesse....Maybe I am just a silly wabbit but he does remind me of Mayor McCheese! LOL! I like Greg.. he has been a ok Mayor..... And I think he is going to get lucky with a third term as I don't think anyone else fits the bill right now for the job...

Mayor Greg Nickels: Not so popular ... but is he beatable? More about Mayor here-
Supermodel- Episode 9
This weeks episode was a was the nakkid shoots...Loved it! Of course my faves-- Jonathon ( above..check out that ass!) and Brandon (below) gets props and posted here as I adore them....Crazy ass Amanda went home...Now if only that one gal....the one that had the big purse this week would get the boot... I would be happy...shes a bow wow.....Can you believe Brandon is only 18 years old! Want more of the rest? The best recap ever and more photos from Tom and Lorenzo is here!


My boy and projected winner Johnny....

More Brandon

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Jumpin On The Pine Wagon
Chris Pine So I have been a Chris Pine fan for sometime (as most of us gentleman have) but lets face he is going to go super mainstream when Star Trek Opens today.... Now the rest of the world gets to hoot and salivate over him as Captain Kirk...He is just another we gays already had on our radars years ago....remember him in Six Feet Under, the Princess Diary's 2 and one of my fave flicks Just My Luck with Lindsay Hohan? He won my heart back then and here is a link from Square Hippies that I adore him in...

Chris is one handsome devil and deserves all this attention....Did you see all the postings of him yesterday as he went for a stroll shirtless? I gots to go see this on the big screen! I have seen all the Trek movies on the big screen and this one I cant wait to see!! Its a bonus with these hot boys!

Beam me all over Scotty! Here is the new Cap Kirk and Spock...Its no wonder we want to see them get it on!!! In Newsweek---

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I Wanna Hump

Happy Hump day! I was in the mood for some meat today....and this cute hot stud is a chunk of meat I could handle today.....he is ultra sexy in my book!.....these are the pics I wanted to share with ya ...but I will say he goes naked where I ran across him and let me just tell va va voom! Very nice indeed...

More Here

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Todays is BOYS DAY
May 5th

I know its also Cinco De Mayo -- bah hum bug....adios...anyhow when I was growing up it was boys day!

Today is Childrens’ Day in Japan—a day replacing Boys’ Day (which once claimed May 5) and Girls' Day in that country.

In Hawaii, though, we still believe a single shared day is far too brief to celebrate the many wonderful things about BOTH genders. Plus, we love a good party. And so we celebrate Girls’ Day on March 3 (3/3), and Boys’ Day today (5/5).

Drive through neighborhoods and suburbs in Hawaii today and you’ll see koinobori—colorful carp streamers “swimming” the tradewinds on bamboo poles outside homes. Count the number of carp on the poles and you’ll know how many boys reside in each home. The largest carp honors the oldest boy, the smallest carp the youngest. According to Joan Namkoong’s book Family Traditions in Hawaii, koi (carp in Japanese) symbolize masculinity. It’s a tough fish, believed to swim upstream through currents, scale waterfalls and still live a long life. All of these good qualities to prevail upon a young man.Male dolls representing heroic warriors—replete with body armor, weapons and helmets—are given and displayed. Kashiwa mochi—a bean-filled rice cake wrapped in an oak leaf—and chimaki mochi—same thing, wrapped in bamboo leaves—are often given to the men of the house.

Goodbye Dom Deluise!

Dom DeLuise, the portly entertainer and chef whose affable nature made him a popular character actor for decades with movie and TV audiences as well as directors and fellow actors, has died. He was 75.
Agent Robert Malcolm said DeLuise died about 6 p.m. Monday at St. John's Health Center in Santa Monica. Malcolm said the family did not release the cause of death.
"He had high blood pressure, he had diabetes, he had lots of things," but seemed fine as recently as two weeks ago, he said.
DeLuise entered the hospital on Friday and his wife and all three sons were there when he died "peacefully," Malcolm said.
A family statement said, "It's easy to mourn his death but easier to remember a time when he made you laugh." Goodbye DOM!! Rest In Peace!

Friday, May 01, 2009


I was just in the mood for a little blonde twink today and actor FREDDIE STROMA whom I hear is in the next Harry Potter movie-Harry Potter And The Half Blooded Prince.... fits the bill perfectly! He is quite a handsome chap if I do say so myself...

Sometimes you just crave a ray of fresh new spring sunshine ya know? He kinda reminds me of Ryan Phiilippe....

Its a super sun shine day in Seattle and it FRIDAY! Whoo Hoo! The garden needs some tending and the nude beach is calling my name....Have a good weekend bitches...

May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii

May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii`garlands of flowers everywhere,All of the colors in the rainbow Maidens with blossoms in their hair Flowers that mean we should be happy,Throwing aside a load of care,Oh, May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii`iLei Day is happy day out there."

The History of Lei Day The idea of designating a special day to celebrate and recognize the custom of giving and receiving lei was first presented by poet and Honolulu Star Bulletin writer Don Blanding in 1927. He and columnist Grace Tower Warren decided the event should be on May 1st and they introduced the phrase "May Day is Lei Day". That phrase inspired Leonard and Ruth Hawk to write a song called "May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii" which is still played at every Lei Day celebration in Hawaii.

Lei Day Today On May 1st, nearly everyone in Hawaii wears a flower lei, from children in school to executives at Hawaii's top corporations. "Lei Day" has been celebrated since 1927, and it is a huge celebration in Hawaii. Special events on Lei Day include crowning a Lei Day Queen, adult and children's lei making contests, lei exhibits and workshops, and concerts

According to Harry B. Soria, the celebration of May 1 as Lei Day was invented in 1927 by island artist, writer Donald Benson Blanding and Grace Tower Warren. Don Blanding is also credited with the invention of the custom of tossing your lei overboard when you sailed from Honolulu. If the lei came back to shore (and most did) it supposedly meant you would return.”

“For those blessed with a childhood in Hawaii`i, there was no finer or more festive day of Hawaiian celebration. The May Day Pageant, held at the school, was a far bigger event than the Christmas Program, which came in second, a distant second. May Day was not, and still is not, an official Hawaiian holiday, but everyone took off work anyway, whether they had kids in school or not. It was a day that drew us together like a powerful magnet. We came together as a community in celebration and remembrance of our cultural heritage and diversity.

I remember how you wanted to make "court" that is the royal court that comes out from each island at the start of the May Day program....Each prince and princess representing each individual island and each wearing the official colors of the island and flower.....then each class...from kindergarten on up would do a performance and perform to the royal court.......the May Day Maple Pole- Hula- singing a few songs- Japanese Kabuki-- you name it it was was all so cool to your senses...the colors... the performances....the smell......this is where I fell in love with the flower Pikake as the queen would wear this......Oh such fond fond memories....I can smell the maile lei on my neck now....I made court in 6th grade...Prince of Niihau...My parents were so proud...

I miss Hawaii big time on days likes today even more.....