Monday, January 23, 2006


Busy! Friday headed out to Vinceroy for cocktails net up with Starla,Val and Frankie. Frankie is a great gal Jeff works with.. It was a great way to end the week--Had some take out Chinese later and while waiting ran into the pet store store next door -- fell in love with this puppy and almost bought him. I think we need a rule--no going into pet stores..But it was strange as it was the very kind of dog Jeff wants--a Brussels Griffon....I think I spelled it right---But I don't think our two dogs would be happy with us if we did was very hard to say no.

Saturday was a productive day--we ripped out the wallpaper in the gross main bathroom and now it is ready and a blank canvas for us to redo and redecor--we have to pick out floors- fixtures and colors and more ....I think this is going to be lots of fun---Went over to the girls abode for a BBQ later that evening--it was so much fun we drank as usual updated the pods and it was funny to see Starla and Jeff make a charcoal BBQ in the middle of winter..Needless to say it took sometime to make the Steaks ( we all have not had a steak in ages so we had a craving) but it all came out well---Had to add this pic of Starla and Val--doesn't it make you want Spring to come? they look sooooo cute...

Sunday--Walmart then Home Depot then the Ab Lounger! We are attempting to lose some flab on our bellies! Then came home and cleaned the yard up a bit and then sat back and watched some movies and relaxed--we actually watched the tail end of the Seahawk football game--were not football fans but this is big-- And since we are going to the Super Bowl I guess its good to support it...It was fun to watch... My whole family is football fanatics so I bet they are all without voices today after yesterday game! Well that's my quick recap--I could write forever but I gotta get some work done-

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Xander_70 said...

Super cute foxy ladies!!