Thursday, January 19, 2006


Here I am smoking a cigar with one hand and a drink in other--the story of my life! LOL! Taken this last fall--we took a trip with our friends to the Washington coast...4 couples---It was such a blast! We decided we need to do this every fall and so we have already put another beach house on hold for this fall! Its nice as we all take the our dogs and just enjoy each others company and that beautiful scenic coast and the beach!! This is our friend Beth with me in this pic--she and her husband Michael won the designated Your So GAY Award that weekend--They were the most prepared--best foods, clothing and such..they even had a Pottery Barn picnic kit so they won the weekend victory for most prepared and stylish! They put the real gays to shame! I have a feeling next year the competition will be much more fierce!

The One the Only VAL!!!

Let me introduce you our girl VAL--shes my kind of lady! Check her out with that Cigar! Sexy!!! Thats Juku in her lap--Juku has a big B day bash coming up in Feb!!! She will be 1--Anyhow this is one of the funniest pics I have of Val--Im glad its the first of many to be posted of super fabulous Val! She and her wife Starla hang out with us pretty much 24/7. They are our partners in crime--most importantly our drinking and shopping partners!

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