Friday, November 06, 2009

its FRIDAY!!

Whom most of you know I call this fella my other husband-- Mr Derrick Davenport....I haven't seen any new pics of him lately? I wonder what he is up to these days? SO TGIF folks! I am happy its the weekend again...So we have a semi busy weekend ahead...A big B day bash for a friend tomorrow......Private party at fancy eh? Thats the big event.....other than that I plan to clean the house and take down the Halloween stuff tomorrow and then add the Thanksgiving fall stuff......try to visit with my mom...... Plan to see the Michael Jackson movie on Sunday with some friends on a double date brunch/movie.....I want to see it on the big screen....I hope your weekends a good one too!

UPDATE 11-23 --Oh my-- thanks to KEVIN at The Lisp....Heres a few good ones! NSFW


Kevin said...

le sigh...DD is modern day beefcake.

sorry. didn't mean to mack on your other husband!

Michael Rivers said...

Love the photo. Is there a non-censored version? LOL

Adam said...

You bad, bad boy!

You just got me hooked on Glee!

Adam (