Friday, February 05, 2010

Paul Vandervort
by Noel Daganta
One of my favorite pretty boys of all time Paul Vandervort for our TGI FRIDAY pleasure!! His looks are changing a bit these days dont you think? So I am all better and that wicked cold is gone....that Zycam stuff I took rocks and it sure killed it quick! So we have had the warmest Jan of all time in the Seattle area and it has continued to be spring like here and they are saying we should have this into the end of next week with these mild temps! No complaints here that's for dang sure! We are averaging about 50 degrees as our daytime highs and next week we should creep into the mid 50's.....Its almost like we skipped winter man and all the plants and trees are budding and its kind of strange....It looks and feels so much like spring here. I did see that most of the east is preparing for a whopper of a snow job today and through the weekend---Yikers! To all of you in that area I hope it all goes ok....looks to be a real big scary storm!

So been watching the boob tube this week and I have to comment on a few shows..Sorry but I am not impressed by Project Runway yet----at all!!! Most of the clothes they are making are butt ugly and I am going to call it...The Old Betty Boop chick with the bangs is going to win it all Genius started and is it me or are the stylist all kind of creepy looking? Maybe its due to all the hair chemicals they ingest on a daily basis but they are all kind of butta faced....I know its about haircuts but geez Its TV can I get some pretty and handsome....and please don't get me started on the freak show of judges...Freaky Ken Vo and that blow out Antin guy.....can he be anymore of a asshole and why is he so puffy nowadays? He has sure blew up! I think this show is going to tank without the old host and lovely Jackie Smith....

So I am ready for my weekend and really not too much going on ......have alot of errands to do... Costco on the way home tonite and then some other errands tomorrow and maybe get some yard work in as well.....then on Sunday we will head over to the families big SUPERBOWL party and eat drink and watch the game..... Food family and tight football pants...should be a good afternoon.


Paul Benjamin said...

First of all, thank you for getting me all excited this morning with this beautiful pic!

Like you, I am also not very impressed with Project Runway yet. I'm still waiting for a standout or two to really rock my world!

Bob said...

I watched Shear Genius and all i could think was that i would never let anyone of them touch my hair.
Why do hairstylists have the worst hair?
I don't get it!

robertga99 said...

I haven't watched Shear Genius yet. I love me Jackyln Smith and I was really disappointed to see she wouldn't be back this season. I also liked René Fris and Sally Hershberger and I don't think it would be the same without them.

Have a great weekend.

Ray's Cowboy said...

your boy is cute. I ope you have a great SUper bowl weekend. Rest relax and have fun watch all of those Men play with a ball,a nd trying to see which Man can be on top.