Friday, February 12, 2010

Look at cupid ....Looks like he is after you heart his weekend......Or maybe your......your call!

So off to dinner and drinks tonite with a nice couple of boys---its boys night on the hill! then a Valentines Party Potluck with all friends tomorrow night. Man 4 day weekends ROCK!

Sending my love to all my fave boys out there......I love ya!! Have a nice VALENTINES weekend! xx Rad


Ray's Cowboy said...

Would not mind playing with this cupid. I could shoot something else at him.
WOOF on this Man.

witomski said...

Don't know where to start....him or the cupcakes.....yeah, right. Happy Valentine's Day back at you.

Mark in DE said...

Love that photo of Cupid! Enjoy your night out with the boys.

Anonymous said...

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Dean Grey said...


What is it about guys in masks?

Love him!