Monday, October 06, 2008

Weekend Recap
Family Obligations, Exhaustion, And Dogs Are Sad!

I need a weekend to recoup from my weekend....
Hubbys "aunts" -- His moms sister and her lover of 100 years or something- actually more like like 20 years which is really only 10 in Lezbo years.... moved to Seattle a year ago from California to start a new life in the Pacific Northwest and they recently bought a house with grandmas help and so grandma is moving in with them now that she has also moved over to Seattle as well. It was good deal but a TOTAL fixer and a repo house.... so ALOT of work was needed and most of the construction to get it even decent enough to make it livable has just finished after a few months of work. There is a zillion things that still need to get done which also includes painting the inside and outside and so they decided to have a painting party on Saturday. The hubby and I had another obligation for a long time in place to attend a Hawaiian Hoolauliea ( A festival/luau type thing) with my parents and alot of our friends so we had to tell them that we would not be able to make it on the day they had picked. I suggested to the hubby to ask them if we can paint on Friday night? They gladly accepted and asked if we would not mind tape prepping for it so it can be ready for the party. This was the start to an EXHAUSTING weekend.

Friday Night- Went over to the Aunts new house to prep and tape the house so it can be ready for the painting party they were having on Saturday. Got home at 1100. Dogs are pissed off--Daddies gone all day and night and Lola the new pup gave us a payback and pee'd on the couch when we got home.... yikes!

Saturday- Up early and had some coffee and spent sometime on the PC and visit with the dogs. We left about 1130 and ran over a few painting utensils that would come in handy and some old paint we had we never used for our kitchen and such to the Aunts new pad. They were all ready for the painting party with munchies and drinks. We went to our Hawaiian Festival at about 1230 and had a great time and saw everyone we wanted to see and had so much fun--Hula, shopping and eating our way through the festival! We left quite early at about 400 and headed home to let the dogs out and feed them some dinner. Then took a quick ride over to the aunts pad to see how they had progressed. They had done one room- the small dinning room (and half of it) and a little bit of the living room! It seemed no one had showed up to help!!!!!!!! So we stayed and help paint all night to about 1100......when we got home dogs were even more sad that we have been gone all day and night again and Lola the new pup again gave us a payback and pee'd on the bed when we got home! Super yikes!

Sunday- Cleaned up around OUR house and had loads of laundry to do and gave the dogs a bath. Got out and we mowed the lawn and used the blower as a big wind and rain storm on blew in on Saturday and so had a messy mess to get cleaned up....Put out the giant pumpkin on the front porch and got some Halloween luminaries in the windows......cute!!! Did some other chores and then left about 2pm to go check in on the Aunts progress....Hey no one around and where is everyone? ANYHOW.....we paint for a few more hours and get dining room, living room, front hall/hall and Grandmas room totally DONE. We get home at about 600pm and WE ARE EXHAUSTED!---we shower, have take out for dinner and finally settled in at about 630ish and watch Sunday night TV and spent time with the kids and relax before we pass out! I had to put toothpicks in my eyes for Desperate Housewife's- Hubby was sawing wood already!
So the new house is VERY far from being over and since they don't have many people that can help-- I wish they would just hire some labor ready guys as the house is a mess! They still have a lot of painting and then the cleaning!! Hubby and I look at each other in horror as we would just die! But we are different people from most we know and we both have a much higher set of standards compared to a lot of people when it comes to a home and yard. So this is a saving grace as they are not particularly picky with cleanliness, design and things that seem to important to they should be able to accept it partially done and quite dirty. But we wanted to make sure its at least half way decent for Grandma as we wanted her main living area done and so that is what we concentrated on all weekend. I do bet however if we go over and check in on it that it will be exactly as we left it yesterday....but lets hope not!!!

It wont be for a few days though as the dogs- especially Lola needs some daddy time.....and I need a nap!


A Lewis said...

Is it PC for me to say right out loud that I ABSOULTELY HATE FAMILY CRAP AND OBLIGATIONS like you've quite clearly described. Ugh. They are exhausting. I mean, there is the sense of family and obligation....and, at the same time, that feeling and naughty thoughts of "There's no way in hell that I like doing this." I'm right there with you, my friend. Ugh ugh ugh.

Anonymous said...

Oh my Stars!! You boys are angels for helping them.

Anthony said...

But I thought lesbos were supposed to be good at this sort of shit. They should be the ones coming around to do you stuff, not the other way around!

Mark in DE said...

Aw, you boys are GOOD NEPHEWS! Think of the situation the Aunts and Grandma would be in if you hadn't helped? You're good boy!

And I have one word for Miss Lola: CRATE!

Mark :-)