Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm Back! Well Sort Of…..
Did you miss me? I was out for a little over a week and got caught up with life and did get some rest too! I did manage to get a good amount of stuff done around the house and such. Cleaned out the closets and organizing-A good spring cleaning!! I was also outside a lot and also got the yard spring planting done and my planters are looking pretty good…..but more on all that hot mess later….

So I started the new job yesterday! And so far so good... I am now a Hotel Sales Manager at a nice downtown hotel….So if any of you out there have a need a hotel in beautiful Seattle for your company, business etc or just for your vaca-----I would like to be your new best friend so E- mail me folks!!! It’s a great hotel and I would love to elaborate more with you if hotel stays are something that is one of your needs!!!!

We did manage to get out of town to Portland and did some much needed tax free retail shopping therapy……We bought a NEW MAC Laptop last week too!!!!! So I am getting that all in order so I can get back online soon ….so hang tight... In the meantime enjoy some Kerry Degman—have you seen the skateboarder pics of him yet? Wowza……So I will be back in a jiffy…. ON MY NEW MAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW...I missed you!!!


CJ said...

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back.
Good luck on the new job. Not a bad business to be in in a city like yours. I hope you do great.

Alpha Omega said...


Welcome Back!

When is my free cruise coming?

Mark in DE said...

Welcome back. Glad you enjoyed your break. Good luck with the new job. Be sure to share with us all the interesting hotel stories you encounter!

Mark :-)

Lewis said...

I cannot believe you were in POrtland and didn't come running naked to my front door. But at least you found a picture ofme to post on your site.

ZenDenizen said...

Congrats on the new job!