Monday, February 18, 2008

A Gay Surfer Love Story
Trailers for the upcoming Brad Rowe movie Shelter is popping up all over the place this week huh? The trailers make it look really good-- they always do and I hope it suceeds...This is one the to see list thats for sure!
For those not familiar with Shelter, it tells the story of Zach (Trevor Wright), a young man who has to give up his dreams of becoming an artist in order to help his unmarried sister take care of her son. Zach's world gets turned upside down when Shaun (Rowe), the older brother of his best friend, returns to their beachside town of San Pedro, CA. The two become surfing buddies and eventually lovers.
Most gay guys will remember Rowe from his turn in Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss where he played the sexually ambiguous Gabriel opposite Sean Hayes' Billy Collier.

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Mark in DE said...

This is a really great film! I saw it last Nov at a local indy film festival. Read my review at

Mark :-)