Thursday, February 28, 2008

Obama Ads
He Wants YOUR Vote

I'm sure you have seen this....Looks like Obama and his people are after the gay backing they don't have yet as a lot of us are Hillary Cintonitte supporters-

I know you also saw or read that Ellen had endorsed Hills the other day on her show .... Its Ellen vs Oprah Winfrey ... But seriously......Its now a race to get the pink vote!

I will say its a very cool ad...thanks for the Dignity and Respect....Now can I please have EQUAL treatment as well?


patrick said...

Obama is such a poser...I can't stand him. He isn't willing to do anything more for gays and lesbians that Hillary. Ugh...the sheer implication sends me off the handle.

How are you?

Stephen Rader said...

I'm ageeing with Patrick on this. I get the feeling that I'll be exactly where I was with Bill Clinton after the gays helped him win the office in '92: with Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

Anonymous said...

How about he spread his message of peace to the freakin redneck blacks down South he traveled with? Oh, wait, they are Democrats so their hate really comes from a loving place.
You know why there are so many men on the downlow giving their ladies AIDS? Because of the guys who back Obama.

M- Filer said...

...and maybe some pro man on man marriage laws.

romach said...

defo need to sort out the gay marriage laws in your country. My man and I are getting married this year. 8 yrs together and finally we can do it legally. Not many people liked Tony Blair here in the UK but at least he pushed that law through so we could get married.

Mark in DE said...

I'm afraid many will succumb to this kind of pandering, forgetting that EVERY politician promises to improve people's lives in order to get their votes. Obama is probably no different than those who came before him.

Mark :-)