Thursday, February 28, 2008

What Comes Around Goes Around
Lets Hope So For These 2 Scumbags

Alot going on in the world huh? Makes a gay boy think and wonder WTF! .....all this anti gay hate and bashing's in Ft. Lauderdale for one. I firmly believe it is really all due to that stupid ass mayor Tim Naugle who has been publicly demonizing gays for months. Why should the people of Ft. Lauderdale care how they treat anyone in the gay community when they have a moron in power like this stupid ass Naugle. He is influencing people to have and practice hate- sugar coated and wrapped with gods word of course---he has surely contributed to these problems we now see in Florida.

Now I hear today Big Brother's bigoted bigmouth Adam Jasinski has open his big gaping sewer or as I like to call his mouth. I guess he refers to another contestant who happen to be gay-Joshuah as a "faggot" who should "go back to the gay bar." I guess he has made other remarks- one which referred to autistic children as "retards". This remark I guess prompted a advertiser to pull out its ads and Autism United asked that he be kicked off the show immediately. It will be interesting to see if they air the remark....Now I'm one outspoken fella as well- So don't get me wrong.....So I just hope this white trash yahoo goes away and back to the pig pen he came from.


Lewis said...

So, would it be really bad of me to wish there was a noose around his neck?

Mark in DE said...

The only way I'm able to sleep at night is to tell myself that Karma will come back to haunt these kind of small-minded, big-mouthed, bigots.

Mark :-)