Thursday, June 22, 2006



So Its GAY pride and alot going on in our lovely city...The whole weekend is going to be a blast as the fun starts on Friday and it is the biggest year yet as it has been moved to the Seattle Center--home of most of Seattles festivals and that's impressive!!! Looks like it will be the place to be with tea dances, disco, live music, vendors, speakers, workshops and so much more-- I provided a Link so you all can check it out....Jody Watley too! She was one of my first concerts--- Story ran in the stranger last week on how they wanted to put a rainbow flag on the space needle....They declined I have attached the story in a link below--bunch of dumbasses... Gay is the way!!! xoxoxox Errol

Seattle Out & Proud, the group that's holding the gay pride festival on June 23, 24, & 25, wanted the Space Needle to fly the rainbow pride flag during the festival---- an e-mail to Dale Kershner, President of Seattle Out and Proud, last Friday, the Space Needle turned down the request to fly the raibow flag.........

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