Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Profile Yourself!
Pretty Cool!

This link takes you to a site that lets you upload a photo, and it will match the face in the photo to a celebrity!!!!!!

Ok so my celeb matches were quite an assortment-

Fabio Cannavarro
Adam Boody
Freddie Prince
Clive Owen
Robin Williams
Tom Cruise
Matthew McConaughey--No shit!

Then I did the pic below of Kandis and I from New Years---very cool as you can do a pic with two people and it does both!

Kandis got-
Jenifer Lopez
Janet Leigh
Kate Winslet
Adrianna Lima
Jenifer Love Hewitt
Michelle Phieffer

I got-
Jason Biggs
David Arquette
Jessica Alba
Andy Macdowell
Alicia Silverstone
Tom Cruise

Ok so I have a some fem characteristics.....I would be Jessica Alba any day though as I would work that!

Then of course I had to do my sweetie..

Jeff got--
Jessie Metcafe
Bruce Willis
Brad Pitt

thats it the turd....
I love my turd....

TODAY IS OUR 8th Anniversary!

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