Thursday, March 23, 2006


- Work is still a HELL ZONE...Im not sure if taking a new position with so much to clean up and learn at the same time was smart----I feel like I have inherited a sinking ship....Well its a challenge and heck I am always up to a challenge--and I ALWAYS prevail....but geez this is taking alot out of me! I hope to come out smelling like a rose--oh wait.... Im Hawaiian---how about come out smelling like a ginger lei....nice!!!

-Worst Thing about the new job---THE PEOPLE!!! my co workers are a bunch of boar hogs!!! That's a nice term as I could say alot more!!! I have never worked in an environment like this before--its so foreign...I hope they all quit or get fired and we get some better people in here that have
some personality at the very least..These people are as much fun as a pile of shit..

- HAWAII is confimred--Only 29 days till we are back home in a beach house enjoying the islands, the beach, the sun, the food, the pakalolo and and and and...

-My best buddy Craig and I talk on occasion and we have made sure to keep in contact through the years--We have known each other since 1980!! He was 13 I was 15..Anyhow we have been though alot--School, dating, comming out, drugs, bars, party's, boys, men, gardening, house decor, the list goes on and on---lots of fabulous times I tell you...I could do a whole blog just on our adventures alone- anyhow he and his partner Kevin live in Arizona and just moved into a new home.....Craig been riding my skirt (his words! ha ha) for sometime to get us over to visit--so Jeff and I plan to go over and spend a few days with them for the July 4th holiday... I am really excited about it and I cant wait!

- Craig sent over pics of his kids...CodyCoCo and Chelsea Clinton...They are above---darlings! He needs to send me one of himself and Kevin--- so we can all enjoy them---I think you all would agree---THEY ARE HOT!!! Hint hint Craig!!!

--Jeff is having a big B day bash for my 40th this Saturday--it was suppose to be a surprise--but he knew I would not be happy with a surprise and 30-40 people our house..I hate B days and don't like big party's to advertise it but since it is the dreaded 40, I guess I will compromise--- 40 next Wednesday 3/29.....No comment ....well one will due---FUCK!!!

- Got together with the girls last weekend and I have to say Val and I discovered something--our duet skills are a surprise!!! Suddenly came on the POD by one of my IDOLS Olivia Newton John--shes singing with Cliff Richards in this duet---We had Starla and Jeff in stitches! We both nailed it and so very soon we will be bringing it to a karioke bar near you...At least I think we nailed much were we drinking? Cheers!

Peace to all my peeps!! xoxoxoxox

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