Friday, March 10, 2006

I leave you with Toms Bulge...

Ok ...this is real it is a still from a video downloaded from an episode of Smallville of Tom Welling running along while his shlong goes to and fro...Its one of many pics that show our boy Tom to have a big o pee pee...ha! I am sorry to those that visit daily and have notice how slow I am to blog daily--I am busy with work and some other things at home and just have been bombarded with shit..I feel like a drone...Anyhow I will blog if and when I can for the next few weeks--please bear with me during this time--I promise to be up and running soon--with my daily crap whats going on my view and so on and on ---and of course men that make you wannna well you know.... Till then--- keep on trucking!!!

1 comment:

MiKell said...

The video is over at the Malcontent.

It's fun to watch. Over and over and over again.

Ehem. Not that I did or anything.