Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Communicated with a fine fellow--Eric from over at Skooozle/Therapy for A Gay Exhibitionist--Very nice guy!!...He added RAH to his blog roll and had some words of encouragement...Happy me as I don't know what the hell Im doing most of the time...Here is a nice pic of Eric and his partner Jeff...Anyhow good to read and get into someone's world and for me it hit home on a few issues--I know for some of us boys we have that special type of childhood--we just have these types of things happen in our youth -- more on that later... He is honest and direct and I enjoyed it alot... He is an exhibitionist so nudity is his thing...Hes a looker so its worth it-- I will make sure to post some hot pics of Eric real soon...Cheers to Eric--Visit him at -----http://www.skoooozle.com/