Monday, July 27, 2009

Mondays Meat

Another week to start, another hot day to sizzle and another hot guy to ogle and ahh! I just love a guy in basic white briefs don't you? But you all should already know that about me. I also love a day that will be hotter than Satan's ass.... but I also thank god for central air at work and home! I think today will be in the 90's around here as we are in the middle of a major heatwave. It will be in the hi 90's and close to 100 the next few days around here and the Seattle folks are melting.....dyiing....and of course freaking out! Its not so bad really as we are surrounded by lots of water with all the lakes, rivers and the ocean and such. So its easy to cool off if you want too. Its just the homes don't have AC's or central air ( well I do-- he he he) ....So it can be tough for alot of folks here indeed. Oh.... gotta run as I have to skedaddle to the break room and catch the news--- They are in a frenzy with all this shit......All of them are all "SEATTLE HEATWAVE 2009!!!!" So funny!!

Can my heatwave just be this gent above please? phew!


Michael Rivers said...

I love the summer heat. A few months of 80s and 90s is just what we need after coming from winter!

Wearing less clothes and being in the water doesn't hurt either!

Mike said...

Did you hear about Gay Men's Boot Camp???? A friend of mine told me about it a few weeks ago. So I wanted to try...and it is GREAT!!! I started two weeks ago and I already feel the effects!!! Whaouuu

Anonymous said...

OOH boy... the heatwave is not what you should worry about! I want to email you some question. Keep a look out in your inbox!


Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

Thanks for sharing meat!

Mark in DE said...

Be sure to stay hydrated by drinking lots of liquids. Cocktails!!!!!!