Thursday, July 30, 2009

Design Star!
Another TV Guilty Pleasure
Another one of my guilty pleasure that gets on the DVR Que! Design Star! I love this show and it makes me wish I was able to go on and rock it.... I so know I would be able to do well....Better than some of the yahoos they pick to go on that's for sure. Love the judges this year too! Love Candice a new judge. So far this year I am a little underwhelmed. Lets hope they do better this next Sunday with the individual white room challenge comes up...We should be able to weed out the yucks and who's all talk and no game!


Christopher said...

Love this shoe too! If I ever win the lottery, I'm calling Candice to do my pad!

Mark in DE said...

I love this show too. I like Candace and Genevieve's designs (from their shows). Vern's style is my least favorite. I'm excited about tonight's "white room challenge".