Monday, September 29, 2008


Desperate back and I must say it was pretty cool that they decided to jump ahead 5 years this season-- Of course this is going to be better for storylines and such as now they have kind of a fresh new way to create. Last night first episode was pretty uneventful and sorta boring but I think this may be due to the set up for the juicy story lines to really get going.... at least I hope so......I love that Gabe has 2 children and she is busted up....Cant wait for her transformation..... Bree is as uptight as ever with her own book and catering biz and still with Orson.......Now Susan- my least fave is only interesting as she always seems to land the beefcakes- Gale Harold is her new boy toy and we all love Mr Harold from his and our QAF days.....Lynette's sons are now teens and this is right up my alley as we get some nice young beefcakes....And they are both red heads.....And we all know how much I love redheads! A better recap of the show is here.

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