Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fall Yard CLEAN UP
For the last three afternoons I get home form work and bust my ass in our yard.....Yard work can be such a pain sometimes but I do get alot of satisfaction of having a nice looking landscaped yard.  Plus I get exercise and it is therapeutic.  Most of my friends have yard people which is-mainly a nice Mexican or Asian landscape guy that does all the yard work for them---they also all have dog sitters but that's a whole other story.  I think the hubby and I are the last of the Mohican's to not have either.  I'm the Hawaiian yard guy and sitter at a good rate!  But if could have someone to do my yard--I would like to hire these young college twinks please.


A Lewis said...

Almost makes it worth grabbing a glass of iced tea and sitting on the porch for a little look-see, doesn't it?

CJ said...

I swear my neighbor has twin sons that used to be out doing the yard that looked just like this pic. The only children I've ever seen do yard work. Like you said everyone hires it done. Ever after the storm I didn't see kids helping in the yards picking up. It's taboo just like looking at this young meat.

Mark in DE said...

I'd hire my yard work out too, if I could get these guys' phone #.

Mark :-)