Monday, July 10, 2006

We are back...

Got back from Phoenix and had a wonderful time with Craig and Kevin..Boy it sure is hot there--boys, men and heat!!! its all hot...Anyhow been busy as friken heck since we got back and I dont think I will ever have time to Blog until fall..Oh fuck a duck..I hate it...I do know that we want a pool and a boat soon--maybe if I keep working like a dog that will transpire...I really wish those boys lived closer---they are a rare thing-- A GAY couple that Jeff and I have alot in common with--you know the drill--some couples are just strange and we dont mix...Straight and or Gay --Anyhow it was super to see them and we will be back or hopefully they will come up to see us soon... later gaters!! thanks for all where the hell you at messages!! xoxoxooxoxo


Gina Bruce said...

welcum sexy back.

Gina Bruce LOVES JT's new beats. Have previously hated on him, but willing to give a bitch another chance. Someone PLEASE feed him a cheeseburger. Or give him a protein shake (and I don't mean just jiggle the nuts as he's suckin 'em!). Just get him to gain a little weight. TOO SKINNY.

And I am BEGGING him to get some tattoo therapy. His ink is WRONG!

do you love it?
bye sexy!

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