Friday, July 21, 2006

David Geffens New Boy Toy? Sean William Scott

So Davids new boy toy is hotter than hecks Sean William Scott...

David has had a string of toys-- From Tom Cruise to many more..I think I need to come up with a list..

Full Story at Link below.

Story by my blogger and my idol Andy at

Towlerload... Via Deframer..thanks for the gossip boys!


Gina Bruce said...

I have to say thank you for posting a picture of one of my favorite pieces of celebrity mancandy... Mr SWS. LOVES IT. He is perfection. I dream of being bent of and *BLEEPED* by Stifler.

Loves the new template too!
Black is the new BlogTemplate.

Enjoy your weekend!
Gina Bruce

Anonymous said...

He is so hot to trot---talk about getting a guy all horny...funny and combo ever!

Anonymous said...

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