Tuesday, July 18, 2006

SOOOO Fricken CUTE!!!!

God this is so cute it makes me want to go crazy!!! Are men suppose to feel this way about cuteness like this? Or do just women and we special boys feel it?....I cant imagine not having this feeling at all ...How sad it would be to not have it!!! For those hard hearted folks I pity you.... So we did the West Seattle Street festival and Ballard Farmers Market over the weekend.. We must be with it as we also got the new Sunset Magazine on Monday and a few of the places we visited in West Seattle an Ballard was mentioned---anyhow it was a good time--Lots of dogs to get all crazy about and of course lots of good looking boys to gawk at!!! Seattle is just so perfect ths time of year!! We are currently enjoying hi 50's in the evening and high 70's in the day--perfect weather!!! I guess a heatwave is predicted for his weekend--90's!!!! Everyones going to hate it--Time to be near water---Did I hear water? Looks like its time for the speedo watch! Stay cool!