Thursday, July 20, 2006

Project Addiction Runway

So Im one of those addicted to Project Run this way....I love love love it!!! It truly is my favorite show on TV.. I noticed they brought it to normal network NBC the other night--now all the normal folks get to enjoy it---Yea... That's all we need --stupid people saying "your out " ----yukarama....Its just like the fab five--slowly becoming so main stream it hurts--anyhow back to this dress---It was designed by Kayne Gillaspie Prom Queen Dress Maker or in his case Ms Prom Dress Maker-- and was the right choice indeed...Had a fun night with So You Think You Can Dance on--yea hip hip hurray Benji-- who knew your nerd ass would grow on us and then PR....I think the night would of been super perfect if Janice Dickinsons show was on as well--talk about a fruit pie extravaganza.... Speaking of So You Can Dance yada yada-- what do you all think of CAT? I know..I know.. a irritating twat! No I didn't....Yes I did she is --what up with her hair and dresses? FUG!!!