Thursday, August 06, 2009

Miami Social and Melrose Place
Loving that Drama!

Lets just say once again that I am hooked on Miami Social! Because I am just like them "one of seven friends that make a city spin" ......well I wish! After all these estrogen filled Real Housewives of New York City (few husbands included) and New Jersey and Atlanta and so on ........which believe me I do adore.... its nice to have a change as Miami Social has a good vibe and its fun....Plus it has more men on it......I posted a few weeks ago about this and hope they open up the franchise to other cities. It kinda reminds of one of my fave shows back in the day that you may recall---Melrose Place.....I loved that show and looks like they are bringing MP back! Below is a pic of Victor Wester who has signed on the be Caleb--the new GAY character they will have on this updated version of Melrose-- The character sounds delish! And his looks are also quite delishio too..... More here.....