Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Last Weekend- Lost Chunk Of Big Toe
This Week- Upon Me Is A HELL WEEK!

Sadly not this kind of HELL week... with a bunch of hot soldier type boys....but first how was your weekend? Ours was fun and busier than expected....Had some fun with the usual suspects on Saturday night.....Had some Guava/Raspberry vodkas which were super yummy and hubby made a nice dinner-- after dinner my main gal Val had a accident--somehow she went flying through the screen door of the slider we have that separates the house and back lounge area...could it be those cocktails? (as we had many)....hmmm well maybe..... but it is the THIRD time someone has taken out that screen door! Its finally time for a new one as this time it has really been bent up to no return.....it was pretty funny as when she fell as she had cherry pie dessert and pineapple upside down cake in her hands and it all went flying in the air...we were laughing hysterically.......then we found out that she sliced her big toe and had to go to the emergency room and got 7 stitches!!!! I am just happy she is ok.....Sunday morning I saw what I thought was a bunch of blood around.... but it was all those cherry's that took a nose dive! Hubby did find a chuck of toe flesh too....yikes! Maybe it was a piece of cherry but in any event I am glad the dogs didn't find it...

So in my opinion... a hell week is upon us--- I did tell my sister we could babysit Chansum ( her Westie).....As I thought it would be a weekend thing but in actuality its a fricken WEEKDAY thing- He arrives tonite and stays to Saturday....Now when we said yes we asked her to e mail us or call us over the dates......never happened......this was about a month ago and so when they called us on Sunday to remind us...that is is this Tuesday....TONITE.....oh well time to edit our week.......We love Chansum as he is a good little dog but it may be a challenge having him at home with our 3 kids while we are at work....I am a little nervous about that....4 dogs at home.....I am hoping they all get along.....Her hubby--my bro in law......which I do like ...can sometimes be a little pushy and kinda an asshole on occasion..he al;so advised us that we need to watch the ginnie pigs as well.....Rodney and Doolittle.....oh joy joy......Sorry but they may go in the garage or basement! I don't want them in the house! So I am thinking I may have to take off tomorrow as I need to be home the first day to get the dogs used to each other......I don't think I can just leave them alone......Which kinda sucks as I have to take a vacation or sick day and work is insane right now so that is going to be a bummer to call in and use a day of my allotments ......DAMM!! And then Alika (our eldest son) has a major vet apt on Thursday-- he is going in for a 2 hour visit as he is going to partake in a 56 day medical study.....His meds for his skin and such doesn't really work well so he is going to try something new-- its a new therapy and drug treatment study...I am super nervous about that! Then we have a Wednesday night dinner party we need to attend and we have been advised to bring all 4 dogs...now this will be fun..... but it seems our sunshine has left as today I woke up to pouring rain! Rains back in Seattle! Shucks! The kids were like so unhappy to go potty this am in it too......They will adapt back to it but it was sorta funny.....They didn't want to go out at all! Now if its raining tomorrow we may have to cancel and not make it as I cant haul 4 dogs in the rain....... As you can tell I am rambling...bottom line...this week looks to not be so fun....if I didn't have to work it would be no problemo..but I have to work......boooo!!!...Hurry up Friday!