Friday, August 28, 2009

Seattle Dry Weather to End?
This dry weather is about to come to and end...well sort of. Its crazy on how the weather has been so dry and warm all summer....I myself do love it....But it looks like some some rain..yes RAIN is in the forecast again. It will be a nice change for a day if it happens-- You can tell the real Seattlelites as they miss the rain so much....A mist and they smile....I think we have had maybe 2 days of rain at the most since June and not even a inch or so of any measurable rain .....I better go tell this boy I have above sitting in front of the fan at home that he can switch the fan off and add a blanket to our bed....he can also change out of his briefs into a warmer pair of boxers if he likes....he he he....Have a nice weekend folks!


larry said...

i think the midwest got seattle's weather this summer!

Ray's Cowboy said...

Please feel free to send the rain here. And yes I can see how the weather can put a smile on their faces. Like when your family makes that specail meal when you were a kid. It say home again.

A Lewis said...

oh please, it's just a smattering of showers....maybe. You'll be just fine. And, like I always say, I'm not sweet enough to melt (even though you are!)

Stephen said...

It has been nutty in Portland:
10 days over 90 degrees & 4 days over 100!
I lived in Seattle for 20 years & remeber that if it got to 85 people would say-"oh my is so hot I think I will die", not knowing that there are places that gets so hot, you really kind die from the heat.

Michael Rivers said...

That is a sexy photo! The guy, not the weather map.

Stephen said...

well..they called that one wrong!

Anonymous said...

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