Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just Checkin In...
Sorry haven't had the time to blog....Been busy as heck and I have not posted in over week...shame on me! Nothing too new and exciting to report though... Just working and such.....the norm....We a had a yard sale last Saturday which was alot of work but was worth it as I raised enough to feel good about getting a new outdoor furniture set and we since we had really nice weather over the weekend it was perfect. Also got some roller skates and you will see me and the hubby rolling about town soon....I cant wait! Been watching the seasons end on many of my fave shows...For many the end forever :-(

I haven't had much time to visit my fave blogs lately and need to get on it! Need to be checkin on you fellas that's for sure!

Today photo is one of many from photographer Lope Navo who regularly crisscrosses the world in search of men to photograph.....This one is from his new book Stark... Check out his work here