Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Cocktail Festivity
Christmas cocktail party at our home tonite. Are you in Seattle? I really really wish some of you blog buds who I ADORE lived closer! Anyhow if you are in town tonite...Rad and Hubster would love to have you over for some holiday fun! E mail me and lets get our holiday engines started! Cheers!


Ray's Cowboy said...

I wished I was there.I would lvoe to meet you and visit with the two of you.


queer heaven said...

If I where in town you know I would be there!
Have one extra or maybe 2 cocktails for me.

All my best to both of you

Laissez Faire said...

Wish I was there, always wanted to visit. The same goes if your ever in L.A.

A Lewis said...

I'm the one you adore...the one that doesn't live close....RIGHT?!

Mark in DE said...

Hope your holiday party was tres fab!! :-)