Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Last Night
The American Idol boys do well!

David Gokey - Anoop Desai - Ricky Braddy

Last night I watched A Idol..First one this season as I usually start watching on the first night of the REAL singing in my opinion.....forget all that pre show garbage as its such a waste of time.........So its cool to not know anyone from Adam- which is good as I want it to be about the voice and singing talent not all the drama leading up to them FINALY being picked....

So my faves were the 3 boys above-they were all quite nice to listen too! Now as for the girls last night...YIKES!! They all sadly SUCKED big time except for this one gal named Tatiana Del Toro-- she was one that belted one out that was pretty damm good! So it seems to be slim pickings so far this season...What is up with that?

Well these 3 boys can really sing but I hate to say--not so much going on in the looks department eh? They are cute but........It will be fun to see the transformations by wardrobe and make up as time goes by.... I bet Ricky And David will make me super swoon with those voices and a good revamped makeover....They are already cute so watch out!


Crazy Eddie said...

Danny Gokey (what a fucked up last name) is my favorite so far. I also agree that the girls suck beyond belief. There was some blond chick with a black dress (the young one who the judges asked to sex it up) who did pretty well. She looked a bit nervous, but she has total potential.


The Promiscuous Reader said...

Look, if you don't think Anoop Desai has enough to offer in the looks department, can I have your share?