Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Real Housewives Talk Smack in Reunion Recap
Its All About Me Vicki and I'm So Jealous Tamara made me sick!

Caught up with The Real Housewives reunion on Bravo last night-- I am sure as many of you did as well.....Lets just say the The Orange County girls reunion show was super irritating. I was hoping Gretchen finally would let Tamra have it as she deserves to have her ass kicked really bad. But instead I was disappointed in Vicki and Tamra behavior and how apparent it is on how much of a bully they both are! Its all about me Vicki and I am so jealous Tamara is both just pieces of shit in my eyes. Period.... and I like so many others may just boycott the show if it returns----because these 2 women are such _____s. There are so many words that can fill in that blank...


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Crazy Eddie said...

Believe it or not, I think I'm the only gay guy in New York who hasn't seen this show? I've heard plenty about it but just never tuned in.

It sounds outrageous and hysterical. I think you got me convinced.