Thursday, February 19, 2009

Real Housewife's Tamra Barney
Is RUDE! Gay Slur from a Bitch

Its all so funny-- I was chatting about the Housewife's season finale with the hubby the other night and I have been meaning to post about it but haven't had to much time to do so. I could write a novel on my thoughts about this drama! So We TOTALLY love all the Real Housewife's of OC......Its my favorite of the housewife shows with the NY housewives running a close 2nd......So we were chatting about how much we didn't care for 2 of the gals this season-- first up was crazy ass and neurotic Vicki--is she not such a idiot bitch? Why so self loving! And she is so jealous and kooky too!!! The only good about her was that she is fun to watch since she is such a kook... Then we had Tamra Barney Sewer! OMG!!! We were SO TURNED OFF by Tamra Barney this season!!! It became so apparent on what a piece of shit she seems to be this season-I thought maybe its editing but I don't really think so....Her actions and personality was just... well..... how do I put it.... sewer like....I bet she is all rotten on the inside! She was so rude to Gretchen ( as were jealous Vicki) and it was not fun to watch this season on how they treated Gretchen and such....I ended up loving Gretchen to death and she was to me was the most fun and real this season.

So now the backlash has begun! I just knew it would! I thought WTF is going on when Tamara relayed that Slade looked like a homo in the finale....I told the hubby...he looks good in his outfit? what the hell is she on? I mean Vicki and Sewers husbands looked like goons with collar shirts and such on a hot patio party in the sun! She commented on Slade's shirt and sandals and pants ensemble....I bet she wished she bit her tongue on that one.....I love all this backlash....I just wish I had more time to post about it all.....Check out all the drama at Kenneth in the 212.... He puts it much nicely....

Here my Recap of the OC/HWifes!

Tamra -She is a total SEWER and rotten to the core--and sorry but her mother still looks fug--even after her plastic surgery? The story line with her dad didn't do much for making us like her....they can tell.....She is just one jealous bitch and oh so fake...Only good about sewer is that her son and husband are quite cute- Isn't it too bad Gretchen's bike upstaged her tennis bracelet? Whaaaa!! I love all the backlash she is getting right now-- she deserves it...what a bitch!

Vicki- Sorry but total dumb fuck!-- She is so very rude to her husband and others--She lives in her own La La Vicki Land and has her own rules and expectations on life--She needs to get on some relaxers or downers- and pick up the clue phone as its ringing....Maybe she should see a good therapist as she is a total kook. Vicki was wearing a horrible dress on the finale! What was up with the slate gray metallic like thing she had on? YIKES!! and what was up with buying her own Rolex and showing it off? Your a mess Godzilla!

Lynne- Love her! So relaxed and so cool--You can see how she is dumbfounded by the other housewives on occasion...I think she should kick Vicki and Tamras asses! I bet she could! Lynne is so low key and has more class then all of them bitches that criticize her zen like aura....poor dear.... cant they see that shes a gem? She just needs to work on not being so cool with her bratty daughters-- that's her only flaw...I LOVED her dress on the season finale!

Gretchen- My new fave! Reminds me of a gal that we all know-- the cheerleader party girl from school! You can tell shes just a cool chick.......Her fam was presented on the show with her and that says allot..... I cant wait to see her on the season recap! I hope she goes off on sewer! I am sorry she lost her hubby.... I love ya Gret!

Jeana-- Love love Love! The only consistent HW that is cool and just plain awesome! She is super humorous-fun and lovely and would be great to have as a friend! I want to be Uncle Rad and kick Uncle Frankie to the curb! LOL....She looks great and I hope she finds a man soon--that is if that's what she wants.. She only had one flaw this season-- Back fat in her dress on the season finale---easy to overlook as the rest of her was and is FLAWLESS!

Lauri--Who cares...goodbye...Glad you are gone this year-- IF HW/OC returns I am sorry but I hope you don't return with....Sorry but your a big giant bore... You and your entire Walton family is a bore.....I will give you this ---You dress well and that's some bonus points-

Cant wait to see what happens on the Recap next week! Hope the sewer devil burns!!!!!


nofatsorfems said...

jeana's my fave for sure - she's not fake (physically or otherwise) like some of those other broads.

MAC said...

I LOVE THE HOUSEWIVES!!! NY, OC, ATL, I love them all.

Alpha Omega said...

I am in complete agreement!!!!

Mark in DE said...

I don't understand why anyone with 1/2 a brain would watch this show. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

JEEZ! ya really hit the "nail on the head" .... with your assessment of that trailer-trash disgustingly vile Tamra. The consistent descent of she and crazy ass Vicki into subhuman slime species has become almost unbearable to watch. SEWER is almost too complementary a term when referring to this obsessive jealous condescending fake hateful lowbrow hypocrite of an animal as Ms TAMRA. I truly felt nasty, like I needed to go take a shower, after watching that broad trainwreck spew her bile onto the airwaves.
While I may have had my reservations about Gretchen, frankly I have become more endeared to her by just the horrible nastiness she has had to take from Tamra. Righton with you my friend for dishin out a bit of the reading this Tamra "ho" deserves. I do hate to see Jeana go, .. as I feel she was really the glue that sort of held this clan together, and by far the kindest, coolest, along with Ms Lynne.

Anonymous said...

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