Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cool and Rainy Seattle
Such cool weather....Rain and clouds and coolness....Back to wearing sweaters and lite coats already! The last few mornings have been very cool so we have dipped into our sweater allotment to wear for work. I feel so nice and smart in my new H&M sweater today....It sure has been a cool and mild summer-perfect if you ask me--- Hi 50's and Low 60's in the evenings and 70's in the day...Except for a few days when it was 90 plus and the nights were a bit warm it was really nice. I didnt even have to change out the bedding this summer....I'm not complaning as I love cool nights and I love to snuggle with a comforter.....Its so hard on mornings like this to get out of bed when its all comfy and cozy. Even the dogs have a hard time getting up as we are all snuggling......that is except LOLA......she was up at 4am this morning licking my face and finally when she knew I was not going to wake up she was a good girl and chewed on her dental rawhide till the alarm went off at 445........then she was ready to play.......puppies are so much fun....Like every morning shes zooms around the house while we get ready licking our ankles and making little noises......she makes sounds that are like a mini dang cant help but be in a good mood with little Lolita cooing around your ankles!

So I am hoping the weekend is at least dry.....Hubbys B day is the 3rd so we are have a few things planned this weekend to celebrate. We usually go to Long Beach Washington on the coast every year with a bunch of friends and rent a house on the beach but this year we are going to stay home and lay low for the holiday weekend..... I think I am going to plan a weekend getaway in a few weeks to the coast-- there will be a lot of space to find a good beach rental and it will be less crowded and less pricey...We and the dogs need a end of summer getaway....I cant beleive we are at the tail end of August can you?


Lewis said...

Ooh la la....H&M sweater. One of my favorite stores. As for the cool days, I'm ALWAYS ready for them. I love it. Except that I'd like to get to the nude beach this week....that's a little issue. Well, unless I don't care about severe shrinkage issues....which I don't need.

IAN said...

I think it's been a little cool over here too this summer tho it's hard to tell as this is only summer no 4 in the States. In a few more years tho, I'll be one of those weather experts!

Last summer it was stinking hot and I think I mumbled somewhere that I prefered winters in New York to it's summers but this year summer's been great I've changed my mind, and a fella can do that can't he?

CJ said...

Good gosh. Send some of that coolness down my way.