Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mark Spitz HOT
Michael Phelps NOT

I'm not impressed with The Sports Illustrated cover at all....Mr Phelps has a stunning physique and they should of used it... Mark with his porn stache is sexy.....hands down....I agree with alot of you out there...Sorry but its a terrible cover!


Mark in DE said...

Both are tremendous athletes who deserve the cover shots. Spitz just happened to be more handsome.

Mark :-)

Fender said...

Mark does have that pre-condom porn star look.. hmmmm

Phelps may not have a pretty face, but he wears a 14 shoe...

We have a winner!!!!

PsychGuy said...

Phelps needs his porn stache back! BTW, he is moving less than a mile from us.