Friday, August 22, 2008

Tabathas Salon Takeover
Is a HIT with me!

It was a reality TV last night for me--so thank god for the DVR!....I needed to get some stuff off the Que so we can keep recording...Some highlights....So I turned away from the Olympics for one night and first got caught up on some Big Brother- Goodbye April! It was nice knowing ya...Go DAN!!! Go REMY!!!! I am enjoying BB10 and though I am not usually a fan I am hooked this season...Then I got to watching Tabathas Salon Takeover which I enjoyed alot! I am going to like this show and Tabatha. I hope the show gets a audience-I bet it does- bigtime! I will be a fan that's is for sure....this critic was not a fan and I hope Tab and the show can prove to this critic Mary McNamara wrong.....Mary kinda sucks- Every time I come across her critiques it makes me roll my eyes.....where did they find this lady? Anyhow, I wasn't sure we needed another hair show as well but this one is a bit different and I like Tabathas persona alot...She will make the show is my guest...But then again I like people that are straight forward and they don't tend to run around the bush....she reminds me of another straight shooter-Jeff Lewis from Flipping Out...I am so over candy coaters...Sweet is so out and overrated at least in my book these days! I didn't get to watch The Cho Show which also was a debut last night...Will have to catch this one over the weekend! I am a reality show junkie these days-- its all due to the gimp foot which I am still nursing!


Greg said...

Tabatha and the show were fantastic! We commented that we could use someone like her to whip our offices into shape. Plus, the salon from the show is just down the street from us. That was cool.

joe*to*hell said...

yeah sweet and nice sucks ass

Anonymous said...

I have it DVR'ed.....CAN'T WAIT!