Monday, August 25, 2008

Matthew Mitcham- Gold Medals in Beijing!

Did you all see Matt Mitcham kick some ass in diving this weekend? Unless your under a rock in our pink planet you have at least seen or heard the news....What a incredible feat as he did a dive to win a gold medal in the men's 10m platform! (which also ended host nation China's hold on wining all gold medals in the Beijing Olympic diving competitions). So here is my picture post of this outstanding young man! The hubby and I was rooting for him big time as he has been in the gay media and such for sometime now and when he was on last months ADVOCATE cover it reminded us to make sure to watch him so we could cheer him on in the Olympics along with the American boys! What a pleasant surprise to watch him kick some ass and go on to win the GOLD! I hooted and hollered so loud that I think the neighbors must of wondered WTF is going on over there!!! So CONGRATS to Matt-It couldn't of happened to a nicer fellow!!! ---I had a crush on him before all this but now to see him at the Olympics and how cute he was in not only looks but personality as well ........Now I have a bigger crush on him!

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Mark in DE said...

You already know he's been a Crush du Jour of mine.

Mark :-)