Monday, August 11, 2008

No Hamm
for me this weekend

I layed low over the weekend to rest my bum ankle which meant being home with the husband and dogs watching the boob tube and taking naps. We did venture out to the mall on Saturday to go the H&M--as we had to return a few things there and then and pick up a few things at Macys for a wedding gift as we have a wedding this next weekend. So I was pretty much was just glued to the boob tube on the sectional over the weekend....again.....I feel myself gaining weight and losing my summer whole foot thing is getting old. Thus We watched alot of the Olympic coverage and saw how mens and womens swimming is doing very well but one of my fave things to watch.... men's gymnastic's seem to be suffering in the qualifying rounds-not good! I really hope they can rope it in.....I sure do miss the Hamm brothers.....No Hamm for any of us for over the weekend which was very sad.

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Mark in DE said...

I love watching mens gymnastics! Those gorgeous, muscley upper bodies make me weak in the knees.

Mark :-)