Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year
Recap Of My Holiday Break

Happy New Year to you! So how goes it? I had a wonderful end of the year break which included the normal holiday events with dinners, parties, visiting and gift giving with friends and family. Some highlights of my break included our friends arranging a surprise limo to take us around Seattle to look at holiday lights. It was nice to ride along the city neighborhoods and parks jammed packed with people in some areas (like the crazy Bellevue Botanical Gardens) and pop out of a limo—I made sure to have on my Prada sunglasses as I got out too…..ha! It was a super great time! I should add the 2 gallons of apple martinis we consumed insured that being a good time as well! We also took a electric boat ride on Seattles Lake Union one evening for a friends b day celebration….That was a total blast. Riding along a beautiful Lake Union with grape martini cocktails in hand on a calm and clear evening was simply splendid! Check out the link below – I highly recommend doing it if you visit Seattle…We did try to keep our eyes out for naked people in the houseboats as you have a birds eye view right into all of the house homes---but we only got one shot of some lady in a red bra…

Between the parties, visiting and holiday functions we did manage to get some nice R and R which encompassed spending lots of time with our kids-Maile and Alika the Shih Tzus-on the sectional under my down blanket in front of the tele. I don’t think I ever watched so many movies! So the guys at Blockbuster are now my new BFF…I have seen my share of gay independent cinema for quite sometime and I think I should now own stock at Wofle and Picture This video companies. Some of the movies are good and some are really bad, but its all about supporting the gays so it was worth it and some of the boys in those flicks… VERY NICE! Caught some new movies at the theater as well and saw JUNO which is a super awesome movie and highly recommended! The actress Ellen Page is just the best and I hope she wins some awards for her role! We also caught National Treasure, If you’re a fan of the first one this one is even better…I am not a real Nick Cage fan but he does do some good movies…..

New Years eve is sorta a blur….We went over to a party at a friends in Queen Anne and watched the Space Needle fireworks from a roof top….Was slatted to do our annual movie and Chinese food on New Years day—but I for the first time ever I had a little to much fun on New Years Eve and so I had to relax all new years day to recoup and nurse my hangover …So our movie and Chinese food tradition was missed this year…..We had planned on seeing The Water Horse and then over to our fave Chinese joint-Hongs Garden…Ok....I am so craving some chicken chow mien now...

In a nutshell that about all of it…My cliff note version of my break..Not really a hot recap. Oh that is unless you count the lady in the red bra….


joe*to*hell said...

nice for u!

happy 08

Mark in DE said...

Sounds like a GREAT holiday! Happy New Year.

Mark :-)