Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Dunce-Dumbass and Ass Hole
That is Ken Hutcherson

WTF!!.... I heard about this a few days ago --does this crap ever end from this dumb fucker? Doesn't he really have better things to do with his time and efforts? Come on--get a real agenda and cause ass hole. So Ken has formed a corporation to organize a shareholder revolt against what they call Microsoft's funding of the gay agenda. (365Gay).What a sad man.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, this is Round II. The first effort several years ago nearly succeeded, particularly as Gates is not particularly committed to homophile civil rights, IF it impacts the bottom line. When Washington state legislators want to ostracize the gay/lesbian community, Microsoft initially caved, and then reversed when the programmers and other I.T. employees and network balked.

But the larger, unanswered question is why demonize? Haven't blacks been victim of racial demonization, don't they, like all humans, have empathy for "like to like," and yet, religious intolerance that itself condoned slavery is now being used by power-hungry individuals in the proverbial "us" versus "them."

Again and again, this religious intolerance of natural human diversity, healthily expressed, is becoming noticeably disagreeable to our younger generations, as 80% of those under 35 in a recent Pew Research Poll reject religious fundamentalism precisely because it demonizes 3% of wonderful human beings.

A religion that professes love, but acts in hate, is a contradiction.