Monday, July 21, 2008

Meet Nani!
The New Addition is home!

Meet the new addition! Picked her up on Friday and surprised my parents with her yesterday (Sunday) and my parents are super excited and happy to have her! This is going to be awesome for them for sure. I am however very sad and may take a few days to recover. We had a glimmer of hope they would say they thought they could not handle her and we would be able to keep her, but how could you not say yes to this cutey pattotie! Jeff and I was getting sooo attached to her over the weekend, she was such a good girl and adjusted to us well and the house and our other 2 kids Maile and Alika very quickly. Now that I look at these pics I get all teary eyed again! I almost didn't take her over them yesterday! She is such a sweetie! Jeff and I liked the name "Lilly" but they named her a Hawaiian name-- "Nani Loa" (Nani means 'beautiful', Loa is 'very'...unique and elegant)--- Will call her "Nani".....Sorry about the quality of the photos as they are kinda fuzzy......Whenever I download pics from my camera it downloads them gargantuan size so when I cut them down they come out kinda fuzzy....I will have to figure out how to use my photo features better... Isn't she just a doll!!!


Mark in DE said...

She's an adorable little mop!

Mark :-)

IAN said...

~Super cute. Keep a close eye cause she's Dognapable!