Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Reality/Trash TV

So a few guilty pleasures with the "tele" this last few weeks......So the new DVR is the best thing ever!!!! How did I ever live without one is beyond me! Well I would still live without it but I would not be able to enjoy all this wonderful trash TV. You know I'm just not one to sit and watch a bunch of shows or movies as believe me I happen to know alot of fat asses that do that enough....all they do is watch TV shows and movies 24/7 ....and then eat there way through the cupboards! Yikes!! And I refuse to enroll myself into that club--yet anyhow-ha! So I adore this DVR as we can now record all these shows and then fast forward through them as we watch them-- A super time saver indeed! I know..I know...Welcome the the real world Errol, its about time you join the rest of the world! So besides my addictions to Project Runway and Shear Genius I have been favoring a few other reality shows this summer....

Big Brother 10... I have not been a avid fan of BB but with the DVR we record stuff to see if it will be any good and then preview it later-- well the BB shows have been a hit with me and though I am super sad gay rodeo guy Steven got booted off last week-its still keeping my interest....I'm gunning for Keisha....I like Jessie too...he is good on the eyes even though he is on the block this week and whining like a girl about it ......I am thankful I can fast forward through Julie Chen when she does the whole eviction night drama- Shes a big bore!

How about that Design Star? I do however think is a bad season as they really had some crap designs......I wonder if they will have another season? We are down to the season finale this next Sunday and we find out whether Jennifer or Matt will be crowned the next Design Star. I like them both so I put in a vote for each.

We are also down to the Season Finale of Flipping Out next week! This is by far one of my favorite shows on TV besides Project Runway and Design Star---Last night assistant Chris quit ( not to be confused with assistant Chris who was fired a few episodes ago and also told Jenny he would not like to be married to her anymore- tragic!) I am sure I would quit too if I had a boss that belittled me like Jeff Lewis......Good for you Chirs! Kinda brought back memories of Korean Linda Blair from my last job adventure--BTW the new jobs going quite well....Very busy so my days fly by so I like it......anyhow back to Flippin---I do like Jeff even if he can be one hell of a SOB! He really reminds me of my best buddy Craig who now lives in Arizona with his partner.....they both have that arrogance you hate but love at the same time. If you are not a fan yet , I suggest you watch a marathon of this the next time its on Bravo...

My favorite part of last nights episode was when he interacted with his ex partners "Ryan" daughter and was throwing her baby doll down on the floor....evil!.....and then when Jenny said this cute joke....
What do you get when you cross a brown chicken with a brown cow? you get a-
"brown chick-a-brown cow".....LOVE this joke and I have said it to everyone in the office today....I think I have said it at least 6 times already..... no one at my office is a Flipping Out kind of fan so no one knew the joke-- well except one glamour puss in sales--she knew it--She wears Chanel earring and carries an LV bag everyday.......enough said---you see most of the co workers here are fans of "Americas Got Talent" kind of people- BARF!


Mark in DE said...

I've been following Design Star (go Matt!) and Project Runway. Although I've seen Flipping Out a few times, I don't watch it regularly. That Jeff Lewis makes me mad because he treats his adult employees like children. I wouldn't put up with it. He needs medication and therapy to help with his OCD.

Mark :-)

AStanhope said...

I feel sorry for Jeff Lewis.

It doesn't appear that he has a healthy relationship with ANYONE. His only friends appear to be his employees who he rides and demeans like a tyrant.

Poor 38 year-old Jeff Lewis is going to turn around one day and realize that he's got male pattern baldness that's greying around the edges, a fat bank account but no friends or family to enjoy his spoils with.

His ex-lover, current business partner Ryan will grudgingly have him over for dinner once and awhile. The rest of the time Jeff will be home alone with his disgusting dogs, his treadmill, a mattress full of $100 bills and lots and lots of Kleenex to wipe away the tears.