Thursday, July 17, 2008

True Colors??
Seattles Qwest Field Cracks Down on Lesbian Hand-Holding

WTF! Quest Field needs to screen the hired help big time!

The staff at Qwest Field had every clue that gay couples would be attending the WaMu Theater on July 1. After all, that night's concert was the Seattle stop on the True Colors tour. It starred Rosie O'Donnell and Cyndi Lauper, the stage was decorated with a rainbow and a pink triangle, and the event was billed as a fundraiser for organizations to "raise awareness about the discrimination the GLBT community still faces." But while the B-52s played a slow song, two lesbians who were sitting in the third row say a security guard approached them, shined his flashlight in their faces, and then lowered the beam onto their joined hands. He then gestured with his finger across his throat to "cut it out" and told them to "stop it," the women say.
"We didn't know what to do. He [was] a very large man. I'm not a very big woman," says Laura, 33, who shares a house in Ballard with her domestic partner, Cai, 37. "It seems like if I had made a scene, he would have ejected us." Both women asked to be identified only by their first names while they register a formal complaint with Qwest Field Management.

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Mark in DE said...

Now that is just IGNUNT! Duh... who did they THINK were going to be at a concert to raise awareness for GLBT discrimination, but gays and lesbians who sometimes hold hands.

I hope they fire the guard.

Mark :-)