Thursday, October 29, 2009

Here comes HALLOWEEN!

Halloweens in a few days !!! Last year I was Amy Winehouse-- Look back in my archives if you want to see that mess...It was fun but I hate doing any drag it was too much work....the year before I was a skeleton...thats me above in 07......So this year I am doing it easy and I am going as a goth....Hubby is going as a punker.....should be fun and easy....We have a bash on Friday and then another on Saturday night and then a fang banger late night after hours vampire party on Saturday at 12am! I will put in some teeth for the fang banger event and just be a goth vampire....I am excited for the weekend!! I promise to try to take some pics! I love Halloween!


Michael Rivers said...

I love Halloween too! More now than when I was a kid. LOVED your Amy photos! Perfect!

I'm looking forward to photos!

Adam said...

OMG!!! You look hilarious as Amy!!! That must have been such fun! On the other hand, vampires are always sexier, I guess it's a great choice for this year!!!

Adam (