Monday, June 09, 2008

Coupe De Ville
With McDreamy

Watched an old flick on HBO last night that I haven't seen before...Coupe De Ville with Daniel Stern and Patrick Dempsey. Movie made in 1990 its about 3 rebellious bickersome brothers who reunite to drive their father's title car from their Detroit homes to Florida. The auto is to be a gift to celebrate their mother's birthday party. Along the way, their adventures are punctuated by pop tunes from 1963...It was a great brother bonding/ fighting comedy....Plus you get some bonus shots of McDreamy in his underwear for a few scenes of the movie- He looked so cute in his bvds......someone needs to screen cap it.

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Mark in DE said...

Patrick Dempsey has definitely gotten better looking with age.

Mark :-)