Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Job Update
Is Cryiing A Good Sign?

So far job is from hell....I am at the verge of tears 80% of the time.....What did I get myself into? I am hoping all things happen for a reason.....I am such a unhappy camper right now.

I think my new boss needs to be medicated big time-I swear I was tricked! I really thought this would be a nice team working environment and a new and great opportunity to learn a new business......NOT.....at least so far.

My new super controlling boss has turned into a Korean Linda Blair who rules with a iron fist! Now granted her sales are down and so she is on a major rampage- but "HELLO" I hate to say it but isn't sales down just about EVERYWHERE except maybe a few company's like Costco?.....In yesterdays meeting she went on and on and on about how we need to get more corp sales in as she just hired a new person (me) and it doesn't look good......and in all her career she has never not made her year over year monthly!!! (BTW I think she is like 32 years old at the most) And how this trend is making HER look bad and so she is going to ride us to death and if worst comes to worst she will have to do cut backs and let people go and how she has done it before and fired 2 people in one day once and yada yada yada.....Alot More Linda Blair Korean yelling.....and then in the same breath mentions--"now I'm not saying firing could happen to you but".

Ok..... so I'm not too sure I can work in this Medusa like threatening environment......What the hell did I get myself into folks? I felt put on the spot that's for sure. For gods sake this Thursday will only make a month at this new job and I anticipated having a hard time learning my new job but this is entirely different...threats? Now that's a nice way to motivate people.... I would like to think I have a thick skin and usually can let it roll of my back but wow this is really challenging to say the least....Oh please......pray for me! I really need it!


Anonymous said...

You don't deserve that type of treatment or that kind of work environment- I will pray for you!
Hopefully a new job opens up soon!!

Lewis said...

Pray for you? Heck, it sounds like we need a full-fledged laying on of hands and annointing with oil!

Mark in DE said...

When will managers learn that threatening and micro-managing do not work? Managers need to do THEIR part to increase productivity by keeping the workplace environment positive and making sure everyone has the tools they need for success.

Sorry you're having a bad time of it right now, and I really hope things improve.

Mark :-)

QT said...

Hi Errol-

QT here- don't have your current e-mail addy, so I'll post this.

Val said you were going to call- you should , so we can commiserate. I hate my cow-irkers, The First Mrs. calls my boss Dexter, and- at the ripe old age of 41- I just got the first bad review I have ever received. Well, it was a 2.1 on a scale of 4, but I got 1.5 on "Quality of Work." At least he did say I had asked for assistance 3 months ago, but was told to "go and figure it out." I got points for professionalism (I suppose because I speak business buzzword with the best, polish my shoes, and my trousers are creased;) and for TEAMWORK- HA! I hate the MOFO's. At this point, I would not cross the street to pull them out of a burning car. Part of it is being back in this city- Christ, I miss Seattle, and our friends, and not being home.

E-mail me, and we can gripe to our hearts' content.

Love to you, Jeff, and the kids.


AStanhope said...

Please, kind friend.

Some of your straight readers would pay big $$$ to see photos of your 32 year-old Korean Linda Blair.

Post them - now - quickly. Run along!