Friday, February 03, 2006


I worked for the Seahawks for a few years and though I am not a huge footbal fan I better at least show my support as I live in this wonderful city of Seattle which today seems to have a live heart beat thats pulsing harder and harder as we get closer to the SUPER BOWL this weekend... So here ya go......

GO SEAHAWKS and go kick some Steeler ASS!!!

This week in a grade school in Pittsburg a teacher asked her class to raise there hands if they were Steelers fans-

The whole class raised their hands except one boy-

This one boy was named little Timmy-

The teacher asked little Timmy why he didn’t raise his hand, Timmy replied I am not a Steeler fan…..Im a SEAHAWK fan!

The teacher asked Timmy why he was a Seahawk fan? He then replied because my parents are Seahawks fans…

The Teacher was a little upset at this point and remarked well if your parents were morons what would that make you …

Timmy then replied---Well no if I was a morn I would be a Steelers Fan!

Go Seahawks!!

Terry Bradshaw died this week-

He went to heaven and met with god-

God welcomed him and told him that he had brought so many people entertainment and happiness in his life and generally had been a pretty good guy so here he was in heaven…

He then led Terry to a nice cottage surrounded by trees and told Terry this is your new home in heaven…

Terry looked around and noticed a big house setting above the trees on a hill…It was a giant castle like structure and had green sidewalks that led up to it and blue awnings on every window and Seahawks banners and flags flying in the gentle heavenly winds from every possible area..

Terry looked at god as he didn’t understand and asked god why he didn’t get such a wonderful home like that and if this was for Matt Hasselbecks home when he arrives in heaven? God looked at him and replied—oh no that isn’t Matts house…

It mine!!! Go Seahawks!!!

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