Monday, February 27, 2006


Kandis and Scotts wedding was a blast this last weekend-- I will post pics later--it was a event to remember forever-they are now M/M Kellar...cute!

So I have cried a few times today...

Im sick as a dog...My throat feels like hell and I feel like Im about to pass out.

Some of the people I work with suck ass and not the good suck ass...they are mean and territorial and don't want to share how thing work and procedures go--and when they offer it is done in away to make you feel stupid and then they are condesending to the max....They get off on making me look stupid and talk to me that way---I know they want me to fail----now most of the time I can play hardball with them and not let them get to me but today I broke down I had a good cry after one of them made me feel like an idiot---they are mean mean mean - My manager says to hang in there and try to ignore the negative vibe this place puts off....long story short--I think they may all be mad? or maybe envious? Shit I dont know but since I just walked in and got a lead position that may be a good indication for the cold shoulder?......Thats my guess but who knows --- maybe they are all just a bunch of asses all the time---- its ok though as I think they all look inbred and are pretty ugly..maybe thats why they are all so bitter....its to bad Im fragile right now and not up to par....I would usually tell someone like her fat ass off...Oh that day will come believe me --in time in time kids ..... I cant wait....losers!

The water heater blew up yesterday--So I am dealing with insurance people from hell--a plumber from hell and Im sure we wont have hot water anytime is day two.. I just hope we can get it done tonite or tomorrow. ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!

I should of just installed it ourselves! How Butch!!! but then they would not cover our water heater in the future--its a bunch of bull shit---I HATE this bear with me in this time of crisis....

Do a prayer as well--we need it....

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