Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Kandis and I

Kandis and I on New Years eve 2005. We rang in the New Year 2006 with a few of our dearest friends..it was quiet and very special! 06 is a special year for our circle of friends--some of us are htting the milestones the big 40--some the big 30 and some have that special plastic surgery lined up...ha just kidding!!!....and Kandis and Scotty boy are getting hitched this Saturday! Its going to be fun, special and wonderful.....I remember when she brought Scott over to Jeff and I's new home--we had just purchased it and was painting it...They had hooked up the night before and they were all in fresh love. Well here we are 7 years later and the kids are tying the knot... they are still in fresh love and Im going to cry like a big baby--Im sure Ill cry more than the brides mother!!

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